Europe 2012 – Tintagel

I’m not thrilled, yet, about the new blog… I used to use iWeb and my MobileMe account, but Apple has discontinued it. So I’m learning WordPress. We’ll see how it goes.

So this is our third summer in Bristol. We came right after I finished conducting the Colorado Music Festival in Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage. It was a wonderful program for children of all ages. The CMF Festival Orchestra is terrific, and it was nice to see some old friends.

Upon arrival, 26 June 2012, we took the coach to Bristol. The next day, we rented a car, a Fiat 500 (spiffy!) and headed to Tintagel in North Cornwall, to get some lovely transition time. Here’s the view from the window of our B&B:

Tintagel is said to be the birthplace of King Arthur, yes, of the Round Table. But first, Rebecca and hiked up to check out the Norman Church, St. Materiana. Cool church, with lovely views, and a long seafaring history.

Then we went to the faint ruins of the castle on the crag jutting out dramatically into the water. Whoever lived there in the 6th Century was really something. He traded with folks in the Mediterranean! Wow! The castle had a room for poetry and music.

I’m using WordPress’s slideshow feature, so maybe this new format is A-OK after all.

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2 thoughts on “Europe 2012 – Tintagel

  1. Emma

    I am loving the new slideshow feature!!!

  2. Janet

    The slideshow is really cool. And what a lovely view from your b&b.

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