Life in Bristol

I’ve blogged about our flat in a lovely Victorian home in Bristol. We get organic produce delivered on Friday, costing about the same as our Farmer’s Market would back home. Food tastes really good here. It makes me ecstatic to be on the same continent as Le Tour de France, where I can watch live coverage everyday for 3 weeks! I like to practice my violin during the race.

It’s also going to be neat to be in the same time zone as the Olympics! I’ll get even more practice in!

Some may recall that last year we had a family of 5 foxes living in the garden. This year, we have another family, a bit more shy. And apparently, there are 3 generations, as our three foxes come in small, medium, and large. The little one runs away, but I’ve got pics of the two.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

WordPress won’t let me post a video of one of the foxes playing. It’s adorable. But I’d have to do a paid upgrade to share it. Maybe I can post it to Facebook.

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One thought on “Life in Bristol

  1. Janet

    I love the mental picture of your playing the violin while the Tour de France winds along on TV!

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